Niihka Blog Two

I thought that Mr Popular was interesting. It wasn’t what I thought it would be at first, then it turned into something completely different. Through the first time I read it through, it was confusing. After all who would defend a kid who threw a rock at their face? I had a rock thrown at my eye when I was in the third grade and it hurt so badly that I refused to speak to the person who threw it until the elementary graduation day, when they finally apologized for it. After re-reading the essay there was more that I could relate to. Hearing of the other popular crowds from different schools and having that thought that other schools have their own circles, it really happens. In my school district, three elementary schools came together to be in the same middle school. Upon hearing this it was a surprise. How would the circles be reformed? Its amazing to see how minds used to revolve around the popular crowd. Its possible that we are wired to always look for and try to be friends with the popular people. I believe that the point of the essay is to realize how we can be so wrapped up in someone else’ status that we can forget about ourselves. Every human yearns to be a part of something, to be accepted by everyone and the majority of the time we work on others acceptance of us instead of working on being someone we would actually be proud to be.  The narrator was so involved in making sure that Thad could become his friend, he doesn’t think about the fact that Thad threw a rock at his face.


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