Inquiry Two Reflective Letter

My research was to find a general idea of what Robert Frank went through as he traveled through life. It began with a paper that listed several ideas that Robert got his inspiration from and I thought that I wanted to follow those leads to solve my questions of The Americans. Usually my papers had specific questions that had to be answered so I would look for sources that specifically answered them. It wasn’t fun or interesting at all, by the second source I was ready to B.S. the entire thing (and I still did pretty well). This research paper, I was allowed to answer the questions that I had, not the ones that everyone were forced to answer. I got to look into things that interested me and I think that it really made this paper stand out among all of the others in my profile.

In this inquiry, I had to document my research with the blogs. I found this very helpful and I am planning on continuing it with any of the other papers that I will have to write in the future. I was able to note the points and keep everything super organized which made it so much easier to write the actual paper. Since it was so organized I was also able to do the work cited page in seconds and that allowed my in text quotations to be sourced easier as well. I didn’t have to go looking through all of my sources for the quotation so it saved me a lot of time and headaches as well. I don’t see how this couldn’t help me in the future. It’s just so awesome and easy to do and use.

My understanding of The Americans only changed a little bit. I had noticed how different Robert Frank’s essay was compared to the ones that the class took, or the father photo essay, it wasn’t really focused on just one subject. It was focused on the entire body of America. I learned Robert’s history and what he was surrounded with as a young adult and it made me think about how it all influenced him to take these 83 photos. The most frustrating part of this inquiry was the looking for the right information that would explain one of the leads from the first essay enough to tie up that loose end. Sure there was a lot of information that is circulating around about the different influences and ideas that Robert Frank had, but that would just be taking an idea from another writer who researched a similar topic. I wanted to see for myself and think for myself about his influences and life and ideas.


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