Inquiry Three Reflective Letter

The challenge of this inquiry was everything. First we had to pick our medium. I think that everyone is too comfortable with text essays and I didn’t want to be too close to my comfort zone. The audio essay, I wouldn’t know where to begin. Would I record me like a video or just my voice and would it be weird if I played music or my roommate was making too much noise? Maybe next time I will work on an audio essay. So I chose a photography essay. I think I was still iffy with a camera and that my photos may not seem as artistic as others may want them to be, so I thought I would work on it some and get this third inquiry over with.

Second we had to find a story. Many of the other photo essays had a straight forward story like family gatherings or classes or just things lying around. How in the world were we supposed to connect this to ourselves and a larger social issue and successfully delivering it to an audience? While we were first hearing about inquiry three, I wanted to crawl in a hole.

That’s when it hit me. Do something kind of cliché but add a twist to it. Everyone has always talked about the magical “doors of opportunity” and how I just have to walk through them to be successful in life. During the initial proposal, I was just going to have an introduction and then the photos, but many of my peers were suggesting that I add captions that conveyed the message through each and every picture. I took their advice and I’m glad I did. It helped to make more sense of the different doors that I photographed and it really helped to cut down from all of the original photos. I think I started with way too many, took out the ones I didn’t like (they were the “ugly” doors or people were in my way), and then the quotes seemed to match to the final few.

Overall I really liked this inquiry. It could be labeled as my favorite but we haven’t begun inquiry four yet so I don’t want to get too caught up. I both liked and didn’t like the complete freedom of it but it allowed me to take something that I believe in and that I know that others have heard of, and make it into something that could be the push that others need to just walk through the doors and see what opportunities lie in store.


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