Inquiry Three Proposal

I think that I will look for a quote that many people can relate to and that would be possible to photograph along that idea. Like maybe the doors are open all you have to do is walk through them and at the end have someone at a unique or interesting place that means something to me holding the quote in a banner. It could be related to the process that I have to go through to become an athletic trainer or just the process of graduating from Miami. Now that I’m writing about it and thinking it through more, I think that I will stick with this door idea. It relates to a greater issue, the fact that many people are just too afraid to walk through a door towards something that could make or even destroy their future. But they will never know the outcome since they couldn’t or wouldn’t take those few steps into the classroom or intern office or out of their comfort zone.

I think this will shape me by taking me out of my comfort zone, I mean really…taking pictures of doors in front of random people every day? That’s going to be a pain in the ass and could become awkward as well, especially if I would like someone to be opening the door so the audience can see a glimpse of what is inside. There could be some classmates or other people who see this essay that just needed that extra boost of courage to walk through the door and find out what is in store for them. Not everyone can do it alone and I think that this is a good (not too pushy) way to get them to do something that could really be beneficial to their life.


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