Inquiry One Proposal

I plan to write my Inquiry One on Strayed’s The Love of My Life. I chose this essay because I believe can be relatable to anyone who has lost a significant someone in their life. It could be a family member, a boyfriend or girlfriend, a best friend, or even a pet. I’m not just talking about death either. How often do couples or friends who split up really talk afterwards? Friends who move away sometimes forget who they hung out with at the last town. There is always that feeling of no direction when a person’s world is shaken like that.

In Strayed’s essay I see the pain that everyone goes through sometime in their life. There is not a step-by-step plan that works for everyone to get through it. I believe that closely reading into Strayed’s essay would be able to clear up the thought process on why she did what she did. I may not agree with what she did, but I really would like to try and understand and accept the reasons she was basing her actions on. I think my claim for this essay would be that no matter what happens or is happening in a person’s life that they will take the burden and blame some, if not all of it, on themselves. Strayed says in her essay that she “needed my stepfather to be the kind of man who would suffer for my mother, unable to go on, who would carry a torch. And if he wouldn’t do it, I would.”  In this quote, Strayed brings the burden of her mother’s death onto her shoulders.


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